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Who We Are

AcXess Cloud is founded by some of the pioneers in the cloud space. Engineers that have built and run internally used enterprise cloud solutions for Microsoft, SAP & Citrix.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to provide you with the best “Purpose-Built” hybrid cloud for your needs.

What We Do

Our team partners with your team and other partners to bring you the best in class software solutions with security and performance second to none.

Our History

The AcXess V-Works™ enterprise cloud services platform has provided over a million hours of high performance cloud services by keeping to our Service Level Agreement of 99.99% for Cloud Infrastructure Services to world-class companies such as SAP, Citrix and Microsoft.  Built for their employees, partners and customers with secure global access to line of business ERP production application cloud services, virtualized server labs (v-labs) for dev/test & training, and cloud software for complex solution based software.   In our pioneering status as early developers of dependable enterprise cloud infrastructure, SAP, Citrix & Microsoft Corporate have all hired our team directly for cloud services for their own employees in their daily work.

The AcXess Enterprise Hybrid Cloud


Lets have a call to learn what your IT Cloud needs are and go through Discovery of options to get you where you need to be.  Is it moving from an old system or servers that no longer serve the purposes they we designed for? We will help you understand the tools available for your growth in plain language to help you get to the next level in performance.


Your business is unique to your style! We will together define the right tools and software for your needs and you will be able to make choices in each step while building your own knowledge to know that you will be choosing the right solution specifically for your business.


The AcXess hybrid cloud design team together with our partners will provide you with the personal attention to detail that you provide to your customers giving you the optimum outcome for growing your business while you have that “peace of mind” feeling in operations to keep you up and running on all devices, all the time, in all locations. 


One of the many benefits of the cloud for your business is a full parallel user test environment during development so you and your team can become fully comfortable with using the new system before you move into production.


Deployment is almost as easy as flipping a switch and since your team will already be using the new cloud services, a move to everyday use will be seamless.


Your new cloud growth solution will be delivered from some of the most experienced team in the cloud industry complete with the dynamic ability to grow as your needs require in the future without major business IT rebuilding as in the past. Welcome to your always on and profitable future! 

Why Choose Us?

With 30 years’ experience in the IT industry and a successful cloud hosting business that’s been running for over 15 years, we have been helping our customers with both hardware and software issues as a business advancement focused team looking to help you succeed and make the most of your Cloud Platform along with ERP solutions such as SAP Business One through their partner ecosystem. Having the ability to implement the latest Cloud Managed Services for our customers means you will now have the most up to date technology and services to further utilize your Business Software and increase productivity and profitability.

Whether its designing and delivering major ERP, Sales, Productivity, Business Intelligence and Infrastructure cloud tools for the large or small enterprise, we take pride in delivering personal attention to each client and project unlike larger monolithic cloud providers are able to based on size and complexity. This gives you specific solutions that your unique business requires for a competitive advantage in your marketspace.  Combine that with redundant automated cloud backups and offsite encrypted storage as required, and you gain the peace of mind knowing your business will not be interrupted by loss of data or downtime.

AcXess Cloud is founded by some of the earliest pioneers in the cloud marketspace. Engineers that have built and run internally used enterprise cloud solutions for Microsoft, SAP & Citrix to name a few.

Enterprise Hybrid Private Cloud – We are pioneers in delivering apps from datacenters worldwide.   Our Cloud solutions using our Application Tuned Infrastructure (AcXess ATI™) with our patented architecture is different because we don’t just “Rack & Stack” like HyperScale providers but come along side you with expertise to give you the very best performance solutions and many years of practical cloud experience on “making things work” in the cloud – use AcXess ATI for the very best cloud experience!

The AcXess Enterprise Private Cloud AcX- EPC Framework™ and V-Works™  platform is a ‘data center within a data center’ built within highly protected biometric access in the SOC1 type II PCI and SOX-compliant top-rated Data Center Infrastructure providers Cyxtera & CenturyLink on their tier-1 global network backbone.

You will have full administrative access to the environment together with your partners and it will run as if it was in your own server closet but with automated daily and nightly system and data backup routines so that even in a worst case scenario, you can simply roll-back the system from multi-generation backups and be back up and running quickly.  Additional encrypted off-site backups and Disaster Recovery options with full RTO/RPO from top rated secure data centers on the east and west US coasts can be made available based upon your overall needs.  

Single sign on and Multi-factor authentication (MFA) is also available for additional security and since this is a personalized ’boutique’ style private cloud service built from the ground up for ERP solutions such as SAP B1 and not a generic public cloud, we welcome a discussion with your IT representatives during your decision and evaluation process to answer any questions specific to your needs.